Let’s never forget September11 & let’s never take these terrorists for granted – Barrack Obama

Let’s never forget September 11 and and let’s never take these terrorists for granted – Barrack Obama.

Former President of United States, Barrack Obama has released a statement about an hour ago condemning the worst terrorist attack in world history. He warned Americans never to take ‘them for granted’. The attack on the Twin Towers killed nearly 3000 people. Read how many Americans are remembering this sad day Today, Americans remember nearly 3000 people killed in world’s worst terrorist attack, 9/11

President Biden minutes ago marked the day in New York. Names of victims will be mentioned to honour their memories.

“Today we honour the nearly 3000 men, women and children who died on September 11, 2001and the heroes who have always run towards danger to do what is right. Let’s never forget that day and, and let’s never take them for granted” the former President emphasized.

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