Liberia President, George Weah rewards 18 year old who found $50k & returned it to the owner

Liberia President, George Weah rewards 18year old who found $50,000 and returned it to the owner

President of Liberia has regarded 18year old Liberian who found 50,000 United States dollars and later returned it to the owner out of goodwill. His colleagues had earlier laughed at his kind and loyal gesture. To them, their friend was a ‘fool’ to have returned the money because things are very hard in the African country and anyone in that situation would have used the money for something rather beneficial, eg. starting a business ect.

Emmanuel Tolue who is a motto taxi cyclist found the money on his usual working hours. President George Weah head of his kind gesture and invited him. Emmanuel was short of words after the President gifted him $10,000, two new motorbikes, $500 monthly salary with full scholarship to the University level.

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He has also been made Goodwill ambassador. The woman whom Emmanuel returned the money to also gifted him $1,500.

Emmanuel, a school dropout now has the opportunity right in front of him to rewrite his future.

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