Lil Wayne says he’s getting wealthier so he needs a wife

Lil Wayne says he wants a wife ASAP

● Lil Wayne says he’s getting more wealthier so he needs a wife

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Black American rapper Lil Wayne is very desperate on finding a wife. The rapper posted on his twitter page that he’s now becoming more wealthier and needs a woman in his life.

“I need a wife man I’m getting too wealthy. Stfu” he posted

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Here are some reactions from his fans and netizens hours after his post.

“weezy you’re tougher than Nigerian hair. So head to Nigeria now. We gat a million wives for you here. I’m the concert promoter too so holla” (journalist Dr. Keni Olunloyo) from Nigeria replied. She want Lil Wayne to get a wife from Nigeria.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was 14. Wassup baby, let me take you to dinner” (babypaperxo)

A fan also want him to use his influence and add his voice to the recent shootings in his hometown, New Orleans.

“What can you do to address the shootings occurring in your hometown of New Orleans?. Its getting progressively worse to the point where NOPD has never given up and citizens are requesting the national guard. The Katrina babies Wilding. Help lift the curse and save the city” (Blair Contraire) also replied him.


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