Lionel Messi says the 2022 Fifa World Cup will be his last

This will be my last world Cup Lionel Messi

Former Barcelona striker Messi, who now plays for PSG says the 2022 fifa World Cup will be his last

Lionel Messi who captained his nation, Argentina to win last seasons Copa America has made it known to news outlets he won’t be available for the next Fifa World Cup.

What are people reading on the Internet?

Lionel Messi who is currently 35years will captain Argentina in Qatar next month. Though he’s readying for his 5th World Cup tournament, he’s also readying for his retirement. There were a lot of players who retired very early, some as early as 30. Lionel Messi who will be 36 next year could be announcing his retirement, no one can tell because the future is unpredictable. There are also rumours the Argentine could return to Barcelona from PSG which means he could play for some few more years.

His rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 37 told news reporters its possible they’ll see him in the next world cup, meaning he’s not ready to retire anytime soon.

“I would like to have enjoyed it with the people of Argentina. Its crazy how they experienced it, the aftermath. They’re crazy over the team, excited. That’s why it’s good to turn it down, we’re going to fight against anybody, but we don’t think we’re the champoins. We think we’re just going to walk over anybody. But it’s not like that, the first game is key. My love of the Argentinean people is unconditional. I’m very grateful to have experienced and enjoyed everything I have. It was very special. This will be my last world Cup. My intention is that when I retire, I will be remembered for being a good person, not as a good player” Messi told Star Plus.

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Lionel Messi also revealed his capabilities going forward into this year’s Fifa World Cup. “I feel good physically, I hard a good presentation this year, which I wasn’t able to do the year before when I moved grom Barcelona to PSG. It was key to starting off better, as I did with a lot of mental focus and eagerness”

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