Liposuction is sinful as it only promotes fornication – Nana Agradaa (video)

According to Nana Agradaa who repented months ago by given her life to Jesus christ, liposuction is very sinful as the act only promotes fornication and leads to other sexual attractions.

Repented Nana Agradaa now called Patricia Asiedu emphasized that it is very sinful for women to undergo plastic surgery just to look good. According to her, the main motive behind all these body adjustments is purely based on sexual intentions.

“Cosmetic surgery is a sin. God created man in his own image and likeness. Why would you perform surgery on your body?. People do this for fornication, not to be happy. Fornication is the sole reason why someone will perform surgery on their stomachs and buttocks. You should rather plray when your husband loses interest in your body. You might enlarge your buttocks for as big as you can but if your husband doesn’t love you, nothing can be done” the born again told Nana Aba Anamoh on Starr Drive.

Watch the full interview by clicking link above

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