Little baby handed over to American army over a wall at Kabul Airport after Taliban invasion

Multiple Afghans are very desperate to leave the country amidst Taliban takeover of Kabul and the whole of Afghanistan. A picture taken by Omar Haidari via Reuters, a little baby is being handed over to American soldiers.

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The little baby crying profusely is seen being given to the U.S army over the perimeter wall of Kabul airport so that he/she can be evacuated. What this means is this; the little baby is being sent to another country against his/her wish because of the current crisis after Taliban fighters recapture power after 20years of struggle. We can also deduce that this baby is being taken to another country without his/her parents. These are some of the humanitarian crisis the world is facing amidst Taliban takeover

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Days ago, Taliban forces shoot at some Afghans who took to the streets to protest. They were seen holding the Afghanistan flag as a sign of allegiance to their lovely nation, they removed the Taliban white flag in some areas and hoist that of Afghanistan

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Speaking to developments in Afghanistan, President Biden said it was the write call for American soldiers to come back home because for him, American troops will not fight a battle Afghan troops and President Ashrah Ghani couldn’t fight

Here’s what he said

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