Luckie Lawson: I’m too busy for my friends

Popular Ghanaian actress, influencer, and entrepreneur, Luckie Lawson disclosed that she is completely busy with work that she many times even forget the birthday of her friends.

Luckie Lawson: I'm too busy for my friends

Luckie Lawson further went on to say that she has been so engaged working on restaurant, Lukie’s Place, and real estate businesses, adding that nothing else is evolving around her.

During an interview with Graphic Showbiz Lukie said:

“It’s just been work, work, work and taking care of the kids so much so that I hardly know what else is happening around me. You won’t believe this but I hardly really know what else is going on, it is that serious.

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“I sometimes even forget my friends’ birthdays and when I remember after about three or four days, I call them and always find a way of making it up to them.

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“My friends are always fighting me because I don’t avail myself even for birthday parties and other such events but I always find a way to make it up to them, no two ways about that,” she claimed.

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