Lukaku won’t leave Chelsea after controversial interview before meeting Tuchel

Lukaku won’t leave Chelsea after controversial interview before meeting Tuchel

Chelsea said they back Coach Thomas Tuchel’s decision for Romelu Lukaku to stay

Tuchel has revealed that Chelsea forward, Romelu Lukaku will stay despite his controversial interview with Sky Sports.

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In an interview, Thomas Tuchel confirmed that Lukaku was not leaving the English club. According to him, what tye player needs to do to stay fit for the incoming games is to eat good food, have enough sleep, train well and stay far away from interviews.

“Training, training, playing, training, playing, sleeping, training, sleeping, eating good, sleeping, eat good, drink a lot of water, sleep, train and don’t give interviews”

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His comments followed after the player revealed in an interview that he still loves Inter Milan and pledged allegiance for his former club. According to him, he has no option than to accept Chelsea’s offer since there was no offer from Inter Milan.

“If there had been the offer of a new contract from Inter last summer as I wanted, we would not be doing this interview now here from London” he told Sky Sports

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He continued saying he misses his former team mate, Martinez amd could die on the pitch for him from the very first day he met him. He also confirmed he saw himself playing again for his former club in the future

“I miss Lautaro Martinez. I could die on the pitch for him since day one I met him. Laurato Martinez coming here with me at Chelsea in the future. No, Lautaro, you can stay in Milan. I’ll be back there” Lukaku said with smiles


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