Macron says France recognise Nicolas Maduro as President of Venezuela

Who is Nicolas Maduro?

French President Emmanuel Macron refers to Nicolas Maduro as President of Venezuela

French President Emmanuel Macron at this year’s climate summit in Egypt refers to Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro as the country’s President. Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro together with other world leaders are currently participating in the 2022 climate change summit, #COP27 happening in Egypt.

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France, the United States and other Western allies in 2018 imposed sanctions on Venezuela when a political turbulence emerged in the country, making several citizens to flee. President Macron in 2019 said Maduro’s victory was “illegitimate” which will not be recognised.

“After the illegitimate election of Nicolas Maduro in May 2018, Europe supports the restoration of democracy. I salute the courage of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are marching for their freedom” Macron said in 2019.

Meeting Nicolas Maduro in Egypt, Macron said France and Venezuela have more work to do, and he will call Maduro after the summit.

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Meanwhile in 2019 France, US, Spain, Germany, UK and other EU nations recognised Juan Guaido as legitimate interim President.

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