Magnitude 3.6 earthquake hit Southern California, Los Angeles

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake hit Southern California, Los Angeles.

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake was centered near Southern Los Angeles County Community of Maywood, eight miles southwest of downtown early hours of Sunday, October 24 reports say.

“It was a little jittery at first. I heard a distinct sound, a little vibration and then upgraded to a full-term shake” One commuter, Dennis Verdeses who leaves close to the epicenter revealed.

A Seismologist, Dr. Lucy Jones says how you feel it depends on how close you are to it ‘because it is 10 miles down’

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“what you feel in a small earthquake like this morning depends on how close you are to it. Because it is 10 miles down, everyone is at least 10 miles from it. The closer you are, the sharper tye motion” she said.

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