Man and his girlfriend caught having affair in the bush

A Man and his girlfriend have been caught having affair in the bush. Well, the names of these people weren’t disclosed. It seems this man and his girlfriend went to the bush to have fun but unfortunately got busted.

The man was pleading with the eyewitness not to reveal what he has seen to others but the witness insisted to see the girl’s face. This is shameful! The eyewitness was amazed seeing people of such caliber having affair in the bush.

The man said, “oh boss, we beg you. Let us discuss this thing here, we beg you.”

However, it seems the eyewitness didn’t listen to the plea of the victims but leaked the video on social media. Social media users have expressed their opinions either for or against the video.

It appears that the majority of social media users who watched this video weren’t pleased. They believe that it is totally wrong to interfere in someone’s affair by uploading their actions on social media. To them it is nonsense!

This man and his girlfriend will be between the ages of 26 and 23.

Click on the link below to watch video

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