Man dies after drinking a full bottle of alcohol (video)

Man dies after drinking a full bottle of alcohol (video)

A South African man has died after drinking a full bottle of 35% sprite in no less than two minutes in a bid to win a £10 bet at an alcohol store.

Man dies after drinking a full bottle of alcohol (video)

The yet-to-distinguished man who dies after drinking alcohol had gone to the store situated in Mashamba town in Limpopo while a contest was proceeding to see who could complete a whole bottle of liquor the quickest.

He chose to partake in the test and drank the entire alcohol in only two minutes yet, unfortunately, collapsed a while later.

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The one who seemed, by all accounts, to be matured somewhere in the range of 25 and 30, was promptly raced to the clinic yet was pronounced dead on arrival.

It was reported that the award for the drinking challenge was R200 in real money which is comparable to N5,000 or £10.

Confirming the occurrence, the Spokesman of the Limpopo Police Command said,

“Police in Waterval outside Louis Trichardt have opened an instance of examination following an episode of evident abuse of liquor that occurred at one of the neighborhood alcohol outlets at Mashumba Village where the benefactors supposedly took part in what they called a ‘drinking rivalry.

“The champ who could consume the whole jug of Jägermeister inside a predefined time, would get R200 cash.

“One of them promptly fell from that point and was taken to the neighborhood center where he was guaranteed dead.”

A video capturing the moment the departed was being egged on to drink the alcoholic drink has been shared via social media.

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