Man eaten by lions while walking home with his family


A man was dragged away and eaten by lions in India while he was heading back home with his loved ones.
Man eaten by lions while walking home with his family

Bhaydesh Paiya, 18, had been heading back home with his family in the territory of Gujarat’s Amreli locale at the hour of the assault, Indian media source Times Now revealed.

The lions, a male and a female, leaped out from the shrubberies and grabbed hold of the victim from behind.

The lions hauled Paiya towards a close by mango plantation as his relatives started weeping for help.

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“Our staff arrived at the spot soon yet at that point, the casualty had been killed. We could recuperate just body portions of the person in question, proposing the lions had eaten the person in question,” Rajdeepsinh Jhala, delegate conservator of woodlands told Times Now.

The body has been taken to the town of Khambha for a posthumous.

The lions came from the Gir Forest, a natural life safe-haven.

“After endeavors to lure the two major felines fizzled, we sedated the male lion right off the bat Sunday morning and saved him. We have the area of the lioness likewise and endeavors are on to confine her,” Jhala told Times Now.

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