Man given meal and advised for stealing, tasked to work by opinion leaders and community members

picture of a certain man who has been tasked by opinion leaders and community groups to work and dredge gutters went viral on social media. The man was caught stealing and instead of the community beating him up as we normally see in our communities, he was asked by elderly people of the community to clean the gutters.

The young man would’ve been killed by people in the community members as we’ve seen in some parts of the world where thieves are being mobbed and eventually end up dying. Instead this thief was given some food to eat and some drinks as well after his food.

After he was satisfied, the young man was asked to continue with his work. He continued and removed all the debris that covered all their drainage as a preventive measure to guard against flood during the rainy season.

When he was finally done, elderly people of the community sat with him and advised him. They gave him few tips on personal development and bow he could improve himself. He has been advised to live a positive life to get himself out of that situation.

What is your take on this? Have they done well as a people? What would you have done?

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