Man killed in Russian genocide wearing blue and yellow bracelet has been identified

Ukrainian officials have discovered the family of Ukrainian soldier killed in Izyum genocide

Ukrainian officials uncovered mass grave in Izyum where about 440 bodies have been buried. The mass grave was discovered about three days ago.

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A blue and yellow bracelet was found on one of the 440 bodies. The blue and yellow bracelet represents the beautiful colours of the Ukrainian flag, which only show how patriotic he was.

A Ukrainian social media Influencer Anton Gerashchenko posted pictures of the family. According to reports, wife of the Ukrainian soldier was able to identify the body of her lovely husband after seeing tattoos on his body.

The bracelet belongs to a 36year old soldier Serhii Sova who fought in the 93rd brigade as disclosed by Anton.

“The hand with the blue and yellow bracelets found in Izyum belongs to Serhii Sova, a 36year old warrior from Nikopol who fought in the 93rd brigade. His wife recognized him by the tattoos on his body and the bracelets” he said

It has also been revealed the children gave the beautiful bracelets to their father when he was leaving them for war, maybe as a sign of love, affection and good luck. But it’s unfortunate things turn this way. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

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