Man kills himself after climbing high tension pole over hardship in Ghana Kasoa (Video)

A man was seen climbing high tension pole in Ghana Kasoa has discovered a video circulating on social media of a certain man who ended his life over Ghana’seconomic woes.

The young man, (name not known) was seen climbing high tension pole to end his life as residents rushed the seen to watch. Ghana Police also intervened but the young man refused to come down as he continued his suicide journey.

An eyewitness narrates his ordeal in pidgin and Ghanaian language.Note that cannot confirm whether the young man is actually dead or not but residents were heard saying “aaww aww he’s dead” in Ghanaian language (Twi).

“He said he’s tied in life, but you’re delaying. You should’ve killed yourself before the police arrives” one of the eyewitnesses savagely said

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It is true life is difficult but its all over the world. Prices of good and services are skyrocketing, inflation is high and currencies continue to depreciate as you can read from the articles above. Amidst all these, suicide should never be the option.

Watch video below

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