Man storm bank to demand withdrawal of his money because the bank didn’t wish him on his birthday (Video)

Happy birthday

A video of a man who stormed the banking hall demanding the withdrawal of his money has surfaced on the Internet

Hilarious moments as a young Nigerian man is seen in the banking hall, demanding closure of all his accounts. The young man was very furious because the bank refused to celebrate him on his birthday.

Many banks and financial institutions have over the years developed ways of satisfying their customers, and one of the ways is wishing customers on their birthdays. People who have bank accounts can attest to this fact; how banks celebrate them on their birthdays. They receive messages on their phones from their various banks. Some of the banks even call customers, just to with them well and to know how the celebration will be.

The young man could not understand why other banks wished him a happy birthday, only for this particular bank to refuse him a happy birthday wish on his special day.

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“Listen, i want to talk to your superiors. I have a savings account in other banks and they wished me on my birthday. Yesterday was my birthday, other banks sent me birthday messages but you didn’t. I want to close my account now. All you know to do is to withdraw small small monies from my account. I’m closing my account now” the young man furiously said.

Many social media users fully endorse the young man. Some also admire his bravery. They believe financial institutions should be doing more take their customers happy.

Watch video below

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