Manchester United issues statement on Mason Greenwood’s alleged assault of Harriet Robson

Mason Greenwood has been accused of assaulting Harriet Robson

Manchester United issues statement on Mason Greenwood’s alleged assault of Harriet Robson

Manchester United issues statement about Mason Greenwood’s alleged assault of a 20year old Academy graduate, Harriet Robson

Mason Greenwood’s club, Manchester United has issued a statement in regards to the player’s alleged assault.

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Harriet Robson posted a picture on social media with blood oozing all over her mouth down to her neck and then to a white dress she wore. She has accused Mason Greenwood of assaulting her.

She posted with the caption “to everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does”. Her post has since gone viral and social media is on fire. Many social media users have asked him to quit playing not only for Manchester United but be stopped by every club.

Here are some reactions on twitter

“Mason Greenwood is actually finished, get him out of Manchester United” (@Ellisv3)

“Mason Greenwood, what have you done?. Beyond words. Hopefully justice is served, and it’s equally important that Harriet Robson gets the support she needs and deserves” (@PatrickTimmons)

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“Lets stop talking about Mason Greenwood for a second and applaud the bravery of Harriet Robson. I hope she fights this with everything and her actions encourage more girls to speak out about domestic violence and abuse. Get these scumbags in prison where they belong” (Andy Baker)

His club said it is aware of images circulating on social media and carefully monitoring developments. A spokesperson for the club said while they do not condone any form of violence, they would not make any further comments until facts are established in this matter.

“We will not make any further comment until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind” the statement said, cited by

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