Manchester United reportedly blocked Harry Maguire exit to Chelsea

The DailySports over the weekend reported that Chelsea are interested in Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. The report said Chelsea want a swap deal

News reaching can confirm that Manchester United are set to block any chances for their captain Harry Maguire from joining Chelsea Football Club.

We earlier published a report on Chelsea’s interest in the centre back, and for that matter will like to swap him for Christian Pulisic. Read more:Chelsea want a swap deal for Harry Maguire involving Pulisic – reports

SkySports is reporting that the English club is doing everything possible to block the captain’s chances of playing for Chelsea, which happens to be a close rival.

“Manchester United are set to block a transfer exit for Harry Maguire after Chelsea made a shock inquiry” SkySports reports

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Though information on the issue is scanty, fans of the club believe it must be financially motivated, as he’s considered as one of their expensive players. Besides, Harry Maguire have been struggling lately which makes him not marketable for good business.

Below are some reactions from fans on twitter

“We payed 80m for him we’re never getting that back” TrulyToxicated

“We can’t just let our captain go like that” iamHaxx

“We should offload him to Chelsea, je isn’t fit for Manchester United” naturewaaa

“Because he’s the captain and has potential that many are blind to, not to add the millions spent on him” fluffy_kong

Meanwhile, there’s a very crucial match tonight between Manchester United and Liverpool, and Harry will be missing.

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