Marry more than one wife if you want peace of mind- Ghanaian business mogul advised

Account to President and Founder of Angel group of companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, it is far better if you marry more than one wife. The Ghanaian business mogul explained further, given some deep thoughts and we would like to hear your opinions on this matter. Kindly leave message after reading.

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The businessman noted that, there were equally several men in the Bible who married more than just one woman. He believes it is hypocrisy for men to keep concubines without marrying them and be married to just one.

“You are catering for the needs of God’s creation. What gives the most peace of mind is marrying more than one wife” he said

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He continued “I believe a number of people do not understand the Bible well. It was Paul who suggested that if it is possible a man should marry one wife or none at all. So when you consider the desciples at that time, they were all married to one wife. For instance, Moses was communicating with God face to face but he had two wives. So marrying more than one woman is not a sin, someone may have only one wife and may be struggling to cater for her needs and her children. However, some of us who are married to more than one wife are able to cater for their needs and its not a sin” He disclosed to Vaultz Magazine.

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