Mass shooting at LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs kills 5, more than 25 injured

Club Q

There was mass shooting at LGBTQ club Q in Colorado Springs hours ago

LGBTQ club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs leaves more than 25 people injured, with 5 people losing their lives.

The tragic incident happened overnight according to the police. The police also said first report of the case came in just minutes before midnight. The incident has been described as “hate attack” on LGBTQ folks according to Washington Post.

The United States has been battling gun violence crisis over the years. Many people end up dying through gun violence. It has also been documented that about 316 people are shot and 106 are killed every day in America.

The police earlier reported they have identified the suspect involved in the mass shooting. They confirmed the shooting was instigated by a 22year old male, who was holding “at least two fire arms” that he used “a long rifle during the shooting

One gay man who happens to be an eyewitness said Club Q was “supposed to be” their “safe place”. According to him, “he was on the dance floor dancing when he heard 4 to 5 gun shots and he thought it was music so he kept dancing and then he heard another shot and he and a customer ran to the dressing room and got on the ground and locked the doors and called the police immediately”

He also narrates how LGBTQ folks were beaten up at the club while the shooting continued, explaining how they are not safe anymore.

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