Michy: I go to church to patronize my Jollof rice business; I’m not a religious person but spiritual

Often several peoples attend church or religious conferences for specific reasons while others go to church for private salvation but not in the case of Michy.

According to Ghanaian actress and singer, Michy has disclosed why she attends church.

Michy: I go to church to patronize my Jollof rice business; I'm not a religious person but spiritual

Michelle Diamond aka Michy said she has different reasons why she goes to church.

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During an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM says she attends church to plead for customers for her restaurant so that her business could grow.

She further added that going to church gives her the chance to sell and increase her business.

“Every now and then, I go to church.” I’m going there to conduct business. I sell Jollof, so I meet customers everywhere there are people. If I come to your church and give you lunch, be prepared for me to prepare a banquet for you. “

She revealed that despite not attending church to worship, she is a highly spiritual person who pays tithes on different occasion.

I am a spiritual but not a religious person. I tithe to the church on occasion and to people in need on other occasions. I pray a lot, and I cry every time I hear gospel music. I have a strong connection with God, and I believe that my prayers are answered quickly.

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