Mike Pence says he will not vote for Donald Trump in 2024

Will Mike Pence run for President in 2024?

Many believe Mike Pence will like to run for president in the 2024 General Elections

Former vice president of United States Mike Pence says “there might be somebody else” he will prefer to vote for in 2024. But will Mike Pence run for President in 2024?. This is actually a huge but an obvious question to ask.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump have been best allies until the deputy publicly opposed or disagreed with his views. On live television, Mike Pence said his former boss was “wrong” when he claim he had the “right to overturn the election”

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His former boss has said on countless occasions that he won the 2020 General Elections. Trump believe the election was rigged by Joe Biden, who is now president and his team. Speaking on a political platform hours ago, Mike revealed he would not vote for Donald Trump if he’s made flag bearer for the Republican party in 2024, saying there may be somebody he will prefer more.

“well there might be somebody else I will prefer more. I have every confidence in the Republican Party and its leadership. All my focus on on midterm elections and it will stay that way for the next 20days after that we will be thinking about the future, our examinations and I will keep you posted” Mike said.

It is not clear whether the former Veep already made his plans to run for President but from look of things, he’s likely to run for President meaning his statement “there might be somebody else” may be Mike Pence himself. For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed while we wait for his next announcement like he promised.

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