Miss Belgium 2021, Kedist Deltour meets dad in Ethiopia after 15years

Miss Belgium 2021, Kedist Deltour meets dad in Ethiopia after 15years, shares emotional message

Miss Belgium 2021, Kedist Deltour has finally United with her family after 15years of being away. She shared emotional message, with pictures on social media.

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The post has since gone viral and everyone is talking about it. The beautiful lady with Kenyan ancestry was crowned Miss Belgium 2021 after a tough competition with her colleagues.

“welcome home, you should tell to the world about Addis Ababa is a peaceful city” one Kedist fan, who is also an Ethiopian replied her.

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Another one replied “congratulations to get to your homeland Ethiopia and your beloved family. Thanks to God, your homeland Ethiopia is so beautiful like you. You have responsibility to stand for Ethiopia”

Kedist Deltour posted on her twitter page “I really enjoyed being home again. It was nice to find my roots again. I will be back” she said with beautiful pictures of her family

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It is always a good feeling, when you remember your roots and the very people you cherish most. Kedist Deltour has been away for quite a long time. To be away from your family and people you love 15years is such a long time. Pictures they say are a million words, and looking at this beautiful pictures with Kedist and her family truly depicts that.

She also had the opportunity to enjoy the Ethiopian culture she has missed for a long time.

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