Moesha Doduong nearly commits suicide when she went on evangelism (video)

Born again actress and social media sensation, Moesha Doduong attempted suicide when she went on evangelism.

In a video, the born again actress narrates how she nearly killed herself but got saved by unknown men.

She went on to apologize to Ghana. ‘Sorry Ghana, I’m sorry for the ladies I introduced to men. May God forgive me for my sins. Thank you all for trying to save me for trying to kill myself. I stood here, trying to kill myself and this guys saved me. When you give your life to christ is not as easy as people think” Moesha explained thanking the guys who saved him and Ghanaians too.

Moesha Doduong explaining how she nearly killed herself

What do you make of her story. Do you think she has really repented or it’s just another hype? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a message.

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