Mogadishu explosion kills 8, several others injured

Mogadishu explosion kills 8, injuring several others

Al-shabab has claim responsibility of the terrorist attack

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A huge exploration occurred in Mogadishu, in Somalia capital killing 8 and leaving several others wounded. The attack was carried out early in the morning around 7:30am local time.

Al-shabab terrorist group are reported to have targeted a convoy of armoured vehicles from Duguf Security Company escorting SNA trainees.

The explosion occurred around the mocassir school, injuring 11 children. Al Shabab claimed responsibility of the bombing, revealing it was a suicide bombing attack. According to the police, Security company, Duguf normally guards the United Nations. The attack was launched when officers were travelling from General Gordon training camp.

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Turkey issued a statement hours ago, condemning the suicide bombing attack.

“We’re suddened to receive the news that 8 people lost their lives and many were injured in a bomb blast that took place today 25 November near a school at hogan District in Mogadishu, Somalia. We strongly condenm this heinous terrorist attack and extend our condolences to the friendly and brotherly people and government of Somalia”

Read statement below

There was also an explosion just last week in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.Suicide bombing kills 3, injures 33 in Uganda, Kampala


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