Moldova withdraws from Russia-led alliance, CIS after 30years

Moldova has withdrawn from CIS, a Russian-led alliance. Moldovan chair person of Parliament, Igor Grosu made the announcement hours ago.

Months ago Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov threatened the people of Moldova, saying the sovereign country “could also face Russian aggression because the President is not democratically elected”. Watch video:Sergey Lavrov says Moldova could also face Russian aggression because the President is not democratically elected (Video)

Igor Grosu announced that “After 30years, it has become clear that the presence of the Republic of Moldova in the structures of the CIS did not help” the country to “remove the Russian army from the territory of the Republic of Moldova to resolve the Transnistrian conflict” he said, emphasising that “being in the CIS did not protect” the country from “blackmail in the middle of winter”.

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The CIS; The Commonwealth of Independent States is a regional alliance formed by 9 of 15 former republics of the Soviet Union. Igor Grosu’s announcement does not mean Moldova could leave the organisation outrightly as there are structures and procedures to be made. He was furious at a point saying “the procedure could take weeks and what comes next?. What harm could he do to us”. He revealed, directing his sentiments to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He also stressed how it is important to leave CIS, narrating how Ukraine left. “Withdrawal from CIS Assembly is the first step. Ukraine left this organisation. The Republic of Moldova is a free country to make sovereign decisions. We demonstrated that we want democracy, freedom at home”.

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