Mom unashamedly shows off her daughter she born blind, narrates how she got lots of dollars to invest in her after the news went viral

Everyone born beautiful, for we are all wonderfully made by our creator

A story of a woman who gave birth to a blind daughter became motivation and inspiration to many as the woman unashamedly showcase her on the Internet. With smiles all over her face, she happily posted her beautiful daughter on the InInternet.

According to, the beautiful woman named Kiare narrates “she and her ever supportive hubby are coping and how her viral story has helped raised over $14k out of the $10k fund opened to secure the future of her blind daughter”

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“When we found out I was having a baby girl, I was so excited and started planning her whole life out in my head. Dance schools, gymnastics, modeling etc. All the cute things that girls do. And to top of it, my best friend proposed to me, taking the next step to make our family one” she said.

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