Most gold taken from Africa is in the Bank of England Gold vault

Bank of England gold vault

According to Africa Archives, most gold taken from Africa is kept in the United Kingdom

Africa Archives have provoked many Africans on social media after they posted a picture of the late Queen Elizabeth as she inspects the vault of Bank of England.

According to them, “the vault is hidden deep inside the streets of London” they posted.

What people are reading

According to them, “the vault contains over 4 million tons of gold” and “it is one on the largest stores of gold ever”

In as much as many believe, some have doubts as they say the figures may have been exaggerated.

Here are some reactions on social media

“4 million tons of gold is more gold than there is in the world. please fact check” Gidi

“by ‘world’ clear you are clueless of what you are talking about. you need to fact check your claim. No one has ever quantified the amount of gold in the world“ Miss Truther replied Gidi

“That’s why the pound remains one of the highest currencies in the world and always ranked above the dollar. while African leaders always think that holding foreign currencies instead of gold will make Africa rich. Only Gaddafi was different. when you have gold, no one controls you“ Fabrice Ebengo

“Stolen, I’m sure they also developed Africa wherever they went. where do you think paid for all the heavy infrastructure investments” Ancube

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Source: Africa Archives

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