Muslims online blast Mo Salah for celebrating Christmas

Muslims online blast Mo Salah for celebrating Christmas

The Christmas picture of the Liverpool winger caused mixed reactions after fans of faith disagree with him

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Muslims online disagree with the Liverpool winger after he posted a beautiful picture on social media. Mo Salah posted a picture of him and his family on twitter to mark this year’s Christmas celebrations. But his fans who’re also Muslims have expressed their dissatisfactions on the post.

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He posted a beautiful picture of himself, his wife and children with the hashtag ‘Merry Christmas’

The post has since generated an argument among many Christians and Muslims online.

“You are a great player, a good human being and God has blessed you with money, fame and the love of people. But know who have provided you with all of this capable of taking it from you in the brink of an eye. Know that you celebrate a day in which they claim that God gives birth to the likes of us, and a day when God is cursed and insulted, so do not be the seat and imprint of their actions, and respect the one who provided you with sustenance and gave you your dreams and purified him from the accusations of the people” a fan @moha_oz who shares his faith replied him.

The Liverpool star is noted to have been celebrating Christmas every year with his family, and faces cricisms each year.

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While he holds that view, many Christians also disagree with him. According to them, we’re all the same, from one God so it doesn’t really matter.

“A lot of Christians congratulate Muslims during their holidays so why the backlash because Mo Salah celebrates Christmas?. This criticism is unnecessary, there’s nothing wrong in celebrating other religions. Besides, a lot of non-Christians also celebrate Xmas. It’s a season of love” (@DanielRegha) also adds his voice.

Muslims normally share food and gifts during their festive season. A Christian online has vowed to stop eating on these occasions after their criticisms.

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“I may even never wish anyone happy Eid or eat anything from you people because with all this hate, I don’t even know why you give us your meat and pilau when you hate us this much” a dedicated Christian, (@penlopeAine) replied


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