My expiration date is coming close, I will soon die -boxing legend Mike Tyson reveals (Video)

The boxing legend believe everything that has a beginning certainly have an end, and his time to die is really close

American boxing legend Mike Tyson says his time to depart from this world is really close

Mike Tyson made this worrying revelations during a Podcast interview. He did not disclose his reasons or any sign or signs of illness but convinced he will soon die

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“We all gonna die one day of course, looking in the mirror, I see myself I say wow my expiration date is coming close, really soon” Mike Tyson said

He was addressing his concept of “money cannot buy happiness or security” on his Podcast when he says he’s not growing younger, and death could take him soon.

Part of the interview was shared on Twitter by New York Post

Death is something every man will taste, its inevitable and no man can run away from it. Its better we prepare for it when you know you’ll one day depart from this world to your maker.

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