“My jealous husband removed my eyes and cut off my fingers” (video)

A lady knowns as Maureen Atieno Omolo, has reciunted her ordeal in the hands of her furiously possessive husband.

“My jealous husband removed my eyes and cut off my fingers” (video)

As per Omolo, who shared her miserable experience in an interview with Afrimax TV, her husband cut off her finger and eliminated her eye out of desire.

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The young lady, who had lost both her families early in life, said she wedded at 15 years old, to get somebody to assist with dealing with her and her siblings. That’s what she noticed in spite of the fact that she would have rather not gotten married at that early age, she thought it was the main choice accessible to her at that point.

Omolo expressed that her husband loved her and never neglected to satisfy his commitment to accommodate the family, yet he never needed to see her talking or relating with another man.

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She said she turned into a detainee in her husband home as she needed to carry on with a singular life since her husband another man could grab her from him.

Omolo uncovered that her husband likewise swore that he would kill her instead of allowed one more man to take her from him. She, nonetheless, accepted that the man had essentially spoken the danger out of adoration and jealousy, so she excused it.

She said at a point in their marriage, with her husband husban consent she found a new line of work as a house manager in Nairobi, and she needed to abandon her hubby and the kids and just visit them every once in a while.

In any case, on one of her visits she found her hubby other was at that point seeing another lady, which left her grief stricken, so she quickly left for Nairobi.

Following her re-visitation of Nairobi, her hubby became angry and called, taking steps to kill the children in the event that she didn’t return. She said she left for home immediately to save her children from being killed. She needed to coincide with the new lady, with whom she oftentimes conflicted.

She went with the choice to return to Nairobi to get the cash that her past managers owed her. Her desirous husband who accepted she was leaving him for all time, messaged her sibling to let him know that he planned to kill Omolo.

Before her sibling could call to make her aware of escape, the man had proactively sent off an assault on her with a blade that his second wife had brought to him.
She told:
“I was pleading with him to stop, but he didn’t. He cut me, and I fell on the ground. I kept pleading with him to forgive and not kill me, but he said whatever I said, he was going to kill me and then go to prison.” Omolo said, amid sobs.

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