NATO begun war in Ukraine by “barking at Putin’s door – Pope Francis

Leader of the Catholic faith said Ukraine has become a testing ground for weapons

NATO begun war in Ukraine by “barking at Putin’s door” – Pope Francis

The leader of the Catholic faith Pope Francis have in countless times condemned Putin and the Russian Federation for invading Ukraine. The leader issued messages on various platforms, calling for peace.

At a point, Pope Francis wanted to travel to Ukrainian capital Kyiv to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky. Now, he says he prefers to travel to Russian capital Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin

The leader of the Catholic faith wanted to make peace between these two countries, and he still does. But why did he change his plan so quickly to visit Moscow instead of Kyiv?.

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In an interview with Italian newspaper, Pope Francis said he has made a decision to go to Moscow.

I feel that before going to Kyiv, I must go to Moscow ” he told Corriere Della Sera on Tuesday, May 3. The Daily Beast disclosed. But there have been reports of the Russian President Vladimir Putin turning down his calls.

Speaking on NATO’S involvement, Pope Francis believe Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO had not provoked him.

The “scandal” of Russian war is happening in Ukraine because of “NATO’s barking at Russia’s door” Pope said.

Weeks into the war, Iran Foreign Minister also made similar claims, saying Putin invaded Ukraine because of NATO’s provocations. Read more:Iran Foreign Minister says Russia invading Ukraine is rooted in NATO’s provocations

The leader of the Catholic faith earlier criticized nations who continue to supply weapons to Ukraine at the Russian embassy in Italy days the war started.

I don’t know how to answer. I’m too far away. The question of whether to supply weapons to the Ukrainians. He told the paper when asked his views on arming Ukraine, ending the interview by saying he believe Ukraine have become a testing ground for weapons.

The clear thing is that weapons are being tested there. The Russians know that tanks are of little use and are thinking of other things. This is why wars are waged; to test the weapons we have produced. Few people are fighting in this trade, but more should be done” he said.

Yesterday, a Russian propagandist on live Russian state television said the country could destroy Britain with underwater drone. He argues that the drone could cause massive tsunami across Great Britain which could destroy it. Read more:Russian propagandist threatens they could use underwater drone to destroy Britain

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