NATO officially invites Sweden and Finland to join the alliance amidst Russia Ukraine war

Sweden and Finland in a joint press conference weeks ago revealed they will be joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. According to leaders of these two countries, their decision was necessary because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Sweden and Finland are seconds away from becoming NATO members after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization officially invited the two countries on Wednesday June 29, 2022 in Madrid after a summit

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Turkiye, a key member of the alliance had earlier rejected the decision. But after several meetings, Turkiye’s President Erdoğan agreed on the alliance’s decision to invite these two Russian neighbours.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked Turkiye for making it possiblem “Good discussion with President Erdoğan, I welcome Turkiye’s agreement with the two countries, paving the way for their accession to NATO” Boris Johnson said in a tweet.

NATO leaders took a historic decision to invite Sweden and Finland to become members of NATO. The agreement concluded last night by Turkiye Finland and Sweden paved the way for this decision. I will like to thank Turkiye, Finland and Sweden for accepting my invitation to engage in negotiations to find a United way forward. This is a good agreement for Turkiye, it is a good agreement for them, and it is a good agreement for NATO” North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg revealed at a press briefing today.

President of the United States Joe Biden said the agreement is a prove that the alliance is United and “needed now than it ever has been”

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