Nearly 1,000 Americans banned from entering RUSSIA, including Morgan Freeman

The list include both Democrats and Republicans and some top business personalities

Russian government bans 963 Americans entry to Russia. The list include actor Morgan Freeman, top American business tycoons and politicians.

The Russian government believe America is already involve in the war as it continue to supply weapons to Ukraine. But President Joe Biden made it clear that the United States is only helping “the people of Ukraine to defend themselves against Russian aggression”.

While Russia is taking steps to remain significant as one of the global super, nations continue to boycott Russian goods. And to isolate themselves from the invasion. Read more:How Russia is isolated from the world after Ukraine invasion

Russia says the latest ban was in response to several sanctions imposed on Russia. According to reports, actor Morgan Freeman have been included in the list because of a video clip he appeared in back in 2017. The content of the video is said to have accused Russia of “meddling with American Democracy”. In the video Morgan Freeman said America was at war with Russia because the 2016 has been allegedly seen with Russian interference, and called Donald Trump’s administration to work on it. “We have been attacked. We are at war. Use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened”

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“Russian counter sanctions are forced and aimed at forcing the ruling American regime to change its behaviour, recognizing new geopolitical realities. We emphasize that the hostile actions taken by Washington which boomerang against the United States itself will continue to receive a proper rebuff” Kremlin said.

The White House responded to the statement, making mockery of the ban, saying no American is even planning for holidays in Russia.

The sanction also include chief executive of of Meta Mark Zuckerberg whose subsidiary company Facebook was banned in Russia weeks ago. Russia bans Facebook and Instagram, says META is an extremist organisation

US Senator John McCain who died years ago has also been included in the list.

Here part of the list

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