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news247gh, serving you with news 24/7. news247gh.com is your best news hub across the world, reporting on sports, politics , lifestyle and entertainment. follow us on all social media platforms @news247gh via twitter, facebook and instagram. whatsapp 0202574112, call 0302444843. The news portal was created in June 2021 by Kelvin Mawunya Ashong a Ghanaian entrepreneur. News247gh have since been updating the public on stories from places across the world, stories on politics, lifestyle, sports and enetertainment. The media hub have also published some business articles on How to start your business with less or no capital and many more. We intend to serve our audience by providing the best content we can, to make sure our readers are always satisfied and updated about current issues across the world. we have published stories on social injustice, racial discrimination and conflict as well.

Few of our articles

Nigerians petition the ICC to jail President Buhari in 2023

316 people are shot and 106 are killed every day in America

What is shariah law and it’s practice in Afghanistan? Here’s a brief definition & it’s effect on Afghan women

NATO begun war in Ukraine by “barking at Putin’s door – Pope Francis

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