Neymar blames father of Santos Barcelona alleged fraud

Neymar fraud

PSG forward Neymar Jr. told news reporters he was not involved in any deal because his father handled everything

Neymar if found guilty of charges against him could pay a heavy fine and also face a jail term.

He has been charged with corruption and fraud over his transfer from Santos to Barcelona in 2013. Neymar arrived in Spain from France, Paris hours ago fir court proceedings. His prosecutors want a two year jail term and a $9.1 million fine for him. The case was filed by a Brazilian investment firm DIS which owns $40% rights to Neymar when he was at Santos. The investment company said its value for a cut of the deal was clearly underestimated.

Neymar lost the case in 2013 after appeal by his legal representatives. Now DIS has filed for a five year jail term.

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Neymar will represent his country, Brazil in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this year. But DIS want to stop that from happening. They want him to be disqualified from playing football.

Speaking on the matter, Neymar told news reporters he was not involved in any deal but his father. “The negotiations of my signing for Barcelona being investigated?. All that is handled by my father, I was not involved in that negotiation. I sign what he tells me”. Let’s see how this Neymar fraud accusation will turn out going forward.

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