Nigeria Representatives receive Proposal to change contry’s name to United African Republic, UAR. Nigerians react

Nigerian government has received proposal to change the name of the country. In the proposal, it is suggested the new name of the country be ‘United African Republic, UAR

This has raised concerns of many Nigerians both in Nigeria and diaspora.

The name Nigeria is derived from River Niger which enters Nigeria from north east and flows down to Niger Delta where it flows to the Atlantic ocean through it many tributaries. According to history, the name Nigeria was suggested by British Journalist Flora shaw in the 19th century.

Most Nigerians are not happy with this new proposal as many have described it as a misplaced priority. To some, changing the name will not actually change anything if Nigerian government doesn’t sit up, economic woes and the hardships Nigerians are currently facing will still be the same. Below are some reactions on social media.

Here’s one musician worried about his music as he mentioned Nigeria in his latest music.

We will like you to tell us your opinion/opinions on this matter. Is this the best call for Nigeria? leave a message below

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