Nigerian man marries American lady he met on Instagram, shares fascinating story

A beautiful love story by Sammie

Young Nigerian man marries American lady, and tells his story. Sammie shares how he married American lady he met on Instagram

A young Nigerian man couldn’t keep his happiness to himself after marrying a beautiful American lady he met on Instagram. The Nigerian man called Sammie took screenshots of a brief chat they had together and how it all started.

Unlike how many young men do not have that courage to go into ladies dm’s to start a conversation, Sammie was very bold when he sent Shanice one of his pictures. Shanice replied with a love emoji, signifying her interest.

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“you are quite fine looking of a man. Are you African?” Shanice asked

“Yes I am Nigerian, and you are very beautiful too” Sammie answered her, with some accolades”

Shanice later felt very comfortable with Sammie, telling her where she was chatting from.

“I am American from New Orleans. Nice to meet you, and have you as a friend on Instagram” Shanice

They later married after Sammie joined Shanice in the U.S. Sharing the good news, Shanice replied Sammie on twitter of how she’s a blessed woman.

“Our love is purely divine, it’s purely occastrated by God, I am forever a blessed woman” she replied the love of her life after Sammie shared the story on twitter.

The story of Sammie and Shanice is just a few of many stories of people who met on social media and eventually ended up getting married

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