Nobody Should Insult MPs For V8s – South Dayi MP Reacts To The $28 Million Loan For V8s

Hon. Rockson- Nelson Dafiamekpor, Member of Parliament for South Dayi, said that MPs should not be insulted for enjoying any benefits such as V8 cars.

The Honorable Member reacted to the $28 million to procure V8 cars for MPs. He added that some members of parliament, most especially, the new ones come to parliament with Uber, which he describes as dangerous.

He noted that even though, the arrangements are wrong yet there is no other alternative. MPs have no option but to agree.

Speaking on Joy News he said, “We have been in office for seven months and some MPs who are new and did not have the benefit of strong vehicle come here in Uber and it is dangerous.”

“The arrangements may be wrong and for me, it is wrong but that doesn’t mean I should not accept it,” he added.

“Nobody should insult any MP because they are to be given a facility to acquire vehicle and perform their functions,” he noted.

When asked about the faulty part in the arrangements, he said “it was a loan” and deductions are being made.

Ken Ofori-Atta tables $28 million to procure V8 cars for members of parliament and it is shocking that both the opposition and the ruling parties have agreed to this.

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