Nokia release new version of classic brick phone on its 20th anniversary, Nokia 6310 brick

Nokia release a new version of classic brick phone on its 20th anniversary.

Nokia is releasing one of its classic phones, the Nokia 6310 brick to mark 20years of existence. The phone was first released in the United Kingdom in 2001 with a battery that could last for weeks. It was big then with huge market existence.

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manufacturers of Nokia phones, HMD Global revealed the new Nokia 6310 brick phone is unique and originally iconic, with its trademark of long lasting battery.

The phone comes with a “larger 2.8 inch 320×240 pixel screen compared to the 1.8 inch 120×160 pixel screen found of the original” the daily mail said

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The new 6310 brick phone also come with a copy of 90s classic mobile game snake. I t is currently onntye company’s website at £59.99

source: Daily Mail

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