Nordic countries Norway Sweden Finland and Denmark to integrate their armies to deter Russia threats

Major Generals of Nordic countries

The four countries have decided to team up their armies together as Russia threats continue

The Nordic countries Norway Sweden Finland and Denmark have decided to unite their armies against Russia threats in the region according to reports. The four countries have decided to merge their armies to enable them begin operating a joint defense (250 combat aircraft) as they prepare against Russian predatory.

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The document was signed by Air Force commanders these four countries, Major Generals Dam, Keranem, Wikman and Rolf Folland.

Major General Rolf Folland who is head of Norwegian Air Force said the initiative “will be a huge force that acts a deterrent to any attacker and will give the Nordic population security”

It will help all four countries to have

  1. A joint situational awareness in the air
  2. integrated management, planning amd execution of operations
  3. A flexible and sustainable support system
  4. A joint training and service activities

All these is un quest to prepare for any threat in the future like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Read more below

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