North Korea bans laughing, shopping etc to mark anniversary of former Supreme leader

North Korea bans laughing, grocery shopping etc. to mark the 10th anniversary of former Supreme leader

Kim Jong Un, son of former Supreme leader is remembering father who kicked the bucket years ago

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The Asian nation in the Northern part of the continent has placed a ban on funerals, birthday parties for 10 days.

North Korea also bans people doing grocery shopping and even laughing for 10days while the nation observe Kim Jong II’s 10th anniversary.

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The anniversary will be observed for for 10day period. Any violation or violations of the ban during this period is tantamount to severe punishments. Every citizen of North Korea, including foreigners who are currently in the country are all obliged to observe the mourning.

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Kim Jong Un succeeded his father when he was just 27years old, becoming the youngest leaders in the world. He has since been ruling North Korea for over a decade after his father’s demise. North Korea’s regulated media announced in December 19, 2011 that their “dear leader” Kim Jong II had died. He was 69years old.

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