Okocha says Mane put his life & his children’s future at risk when he kicked the 2nd penalty

Okocha speaks on Mane’s penalty

Okocha says Mane put his life & his children’s future at risk when he kicked the 2nd penalty

Jay Jay Okocha says Sadio Mane really put his family at risk when he decided to play the second penalty for Senegal.

The former Nigerian midfielder believe it was a huge risk to the extent that the future of his children heavily depended on it.

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Jay Jay Okocha made his opinions known after Senegal won Afcon2021 title Sadio Mane helps Senegal to win it’s first Afcon trophy

Speaking on Supersports platform where he was a Pundit, the Nigerian legend insist it was a very brave decision from the Liverpool star which could affect him for life. He revealed that looking at the football environment in Africa especially, lovers of the game would not take it kindly with him when he missed the second penalty. Because the people are hostile sometimes.

“it’s not every player that can step up again to go and take that penalty. Because you know in Africa how hostile our fans are. By doing so, he was risking his life, risking his family’s life, even your home, you know?” He asked

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Mane had earlier revealed his colleague team mates asked him to take the second penalty. According to him they trusted him and that gave him the confidence to step up.

“But that’s what he is born to do. He is born to play football and whatever comes with it, he is willing to accept it” Jay Jay Okocha said.

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