Over 150 people, killed just in 7days in Benue by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

More than 150 people have been killed in Benue in the last 7 days by armed fulani herdsmen. The tragic incident is currently ongoing in Nigeria’s middle belt, an incident that has not been largely reported. More than 100 people in Benue were killed by fulani herdsmen last weekend according to reports. Just yesterday, over 36 people were killed. Victims include farmers, students etc residing in Benue

The tragic incident has sparked outrage among many Nigerian citizens especially on social media. Many have described the killings as genocide. #Benueunderattack is currently trending in Nigeria and some parts of the world. Many have accused Buhari’s government for doing nothing about how people are being killed by fulani herdsmen

One Benue indegine on Twitter shares his sentiments and how unsafe he is. According to him, he’s even scared to step out in some parts of Benue

Some one Tweeted, ‘genocide is happening right under the watch of president Buhari’s administration and no one is actually doing nothing about it’.

In fact pictures coming out of Benue are very devastating and heartbreaking.

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