Over 30 Doctors to separate siamese twins in Ghana (video)

According to the community, they’re very good people. The Bansah parents gave birth to siamese twins and were in dying need of about Ghs3million for a surgery to be carried out until a good samaritan came to their rescue after JoyNews had interviewed them.

Kojo Yankson a JoyNews reporter, who covered the story revealed how this couple love these siamese twins and were in desperate need for money to separate them. The parents of these babies reside in Medea, a suburb of Accra on the Nsawam – Kumasi road.

Both parents revealed how they were shocked when the babies came and had initially thought it was because of their evil deeds that brought God’s anger on them until doctors told them it was an abnormal formation but could be fixed.

Siblings of the siamese twins also expressed their fear and worry. “I dont know what to say, I dont know how things will turn out in that surgery, I’m scared we may lose them” the younger sibling told Kojo yankson on JoyNews.

Doctors explained how difficult the surgery may be but gave the assurance how the babies have a chance to survive. According to them, there are about 30 doctors conducting different levels of scans on them every day and it will take while ‘to know which one will be sacrificed’

“One thing i want to emphasize is that this is a huge team work, we have about 30 doctors working on them. You know these children share organs especially the brain” one Doctor revealed

According to the Doctors, it may take close to 2year for them to be finally separated.

Source: JoyNews

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