Pandora papers expose financial secrets of over 300 world leaders including politicians, billionaires hiding millions in offshore assets

Pandora papers expose financial secrets of over 300 world leaders including politicians, government officials and billionaires, hiding millions in offshore assets.

The financial secrets of hundreds of world leaders, politicians, business men and women, celebrities have all been exposed. The leak tells how the reach hide properties in tax havens. The secret offshore wealth of the world elite is said to be one of the biggest financial secrets to have been uncovered. A leak of 12 million files reveals multi-million dollar holdings of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. The leak also exposed Kenyan President Kenyatta’s family. It also disclosed properties of King of Jordan of over $100milion offshore. Azerbaijani ruler’s $500million property deals and Czech Republic Prime Minister’s $22million French Chateau.

Kenyan President Kinnyata who came into the political scene and mounted an anti corruption comeback, has his family’s secret wealth expanded offshore. Read more on how Uhuru Kenyatta’s family has been exposed in the financial scandal.

The investigation is said to have been carried out by over 600 journalists across the world including some top media houses eg. the Guardian, BBC etc. in which nearly 12 million documents and files from 14 financial services companies in countries all over the world including Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Belize, British Virgin Islands and Switzerland.

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The financial leak reveals how King of Jordan secretly amassed an empire in the United Kingdom and United States.

“They identify a network of offshore companies in British Virgin Islands and other tax havens used by Abdullah II bin-Hussein to buy 15 homes since assumed power in 1999. They include £50million on three adjacent ocean view properties in Malibu, California, and properties in London and Ascot in the UK” BBC. Read more

Source: Pandora Papers

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