Paul Pogba admits to using witchcraft but not on Kylian Mbappe

The French International Paul Pogba says he used witchcraft powers but not on his team mate, Kylian Mbappe

Paul Pogba has confessed to the police that he consulted a witch doctor for other purposes.

Paul Pogba’s senior has last week threatened to reveal some deep secrets of the former Manchester United midfielder, who now plays for Juventus. Read more:I will expose Paul Pogba soon his brother says, He responds through his lawyers.

Paul Pogba told French police in a second interview that he consulted a witch doctor with the intentions to help a charity organisation in Africa that supports children not to place a curse on the PSG forward. His elder brother acused him of using witchcraft powers on Kylian Mbappe but Paul denied the claims.

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Investigations are still ongoing as the two brothers are at each others throats.

“I’ve no negative feelings towards you, my words are for your good. Everything is true, the witch doctor is known. A so-called Muslim in deep witchcraft. Its never to have a traitor near you” Mathias said.

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