Pentagon gives Ukraine green light for drone strikes in Russia

Pentagon from February 24th when Russia invaded Ukraine have been very ‘careful’ on Ukraine not attacking Russian military territories but that seem to be a thing of the past now

Pentagon is said to have given the green light for Ukraine to strike Russian military areas in the country according to the Institute of the Study of War.

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An undisclosed US defense source told media house, The Times that “Pentagon is no longer insisting that Ukraine should not strike military targets within Russia”.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin had earlier warned there could be full scale of war if Ukraine attacks any military infrastructure or any Russian territories within Russia. The irony of this is that several military infrastructures of Ukraine have been hit, and continue to be hit by Russian occupiers. As if its not enough, civilian buildings have also been hit. Putin warned Russia will do anything possible to defend Russia, even if there is a need to use “weapons of mass destruction”.

The undisclosed source also said “Pentagon has changed its perspective following the recent intensification of Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and that, the Pentagon has become less concerned regarding the risk of escalation” and the report also “suggested that this development is a green light for Ukrainian drone strikes on Russian territory

According to the Institute of the Study of war, “International law allows Ukrainian forces to strike legitimate targets even in Russian territory, especially targets from which Russian forces are launching attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure

The United States and its allies have pledged to keep supporting the people of Ukraine as long as it takes. However, former President of the United States Donald Trump warned Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump. There were several reports of his administration’s refusal to support Ukraine militarily.

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