People call me a ‘monkey’ but now I’m a star. Story of Elie inspire many others

People call him monkey but Elie is now an inspiration to many people in his community and all over the place.

“It all started in the 1990s when Elie’s mother just married and whenever she give birth, her children will die. Not twice not ones but four times” Afrimax English tell story of Sanzimana who became an overnight sensation and a star after their broadcast.

Many were those who call Sanzimana all sorts of names ever since he was born, eg. ‘monkey’ etc but the story changed to the extent of Elie’s family getting a new house from benevolent hands by the help of Afrimax English.


to her mother, she became very depressed and tired of her children dying so one day, she heavily cried to God to help her out. God listened to her prayer by given her a baby but her child was a very special one, and coming from a poor background, life continued to even be more difficult for them afterwards.

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Elie, who once lived in the ‘forest’ as described by Afrimax has totally transformed after he was clothed in new designer aparel. Elie has never been to school according to her mother but with the help of Afrimax and philanthropists, Elie is now in a special school, trying to build his life and socialize with his colleague students. His mother’s biggest wish has been fulfilled; to see his son go to school.

Little Elie is now becoming an icon. All of a sudden, everyone want to take picture with him.

Sanzimana Elie use to run from everyone but has now improved. He’s accommodating and is able to interact with people he meet on the streets.

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Source: Afrimax English

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